Chance of Showers (f. MC Lars)

from by My Parents Favorite Music

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Samples Used:
* Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Song of Storms


It all started with a brand new Atari that he bought
For his son’s 3rd birthday, he thought he’d give it to him
One day early the little guy loved it
Even though he didn’t understand much of it
He was too young to comprehend functions & lights
So his dad pushed buttons all night
Some of the best times he had just watching
A dim light sat by the side of his dad
Time went by, the kid grew up
The man grew old grew accustomed to things being
Rough without his son all he could do is reminisce
About a time once lost now gone amiss
His friends don’t want to play kids games, they want to play
Bridge, the old man needs to act his age
But he doesn’t care his heart’s in the right place
He took a rain check on now for yesterday

All of your thoughts, all of your memories
People you loved become sworn enemies
Just one look in the mirror…
And you look right back in tears…
You need to take the outcome, accept the consequence
Make a decision, leave the rest of ‘em on the fence
Leave your umbrella, let the storm come
There’s a chance (you have doubts and you’re second-guessing)
There’s a chance (saying and doing are two different things)
There’s a chance (it won’t disappear overnight)
There’s a chance (you just get lost in thought)
There’s a chance (comin’ at you if you’re ready or not)
There’s a chance (you can’t save the whole world at once)
There’s a chance (it’s not dyin’ if you keep on tryin’)

Her older brother came and went…
It didn’t seem like much to him…
But to a 4-year-old it can seem like a lifetime
He would go away for a day just to find her crying
She would watch him play video games
He said “you’re too young”, she watched anyway
So he gave her a handheld, she took it everywhere
Took baths with it, it was her teddy bear
So when he left that night, he didn’t have the heart to tell her
He had to go so her life could be a lot better
She never saw him since and felt strange
Kept to herself, stuck in the game
She didn’t want to figure it out because she wouldn’t have a
Reason for her brother to come back and see ‘em
So she’s been on the same level for years
Even though she’s beat the game, she still saves here

Bill Johnson was a 3rd grade music fan from Alabama
And when he rocked the gui-tar he was one bad mamma-jama
Every time he played the six string kids would say “Bill you’re amazing!”
‘Till one day he bought a Wii and plugged into that benign play thing
Guitar hero his brand new addiction, played all day no parental restriction
Levels beaten, throwing conniptions and when he missed a note obsession, affliction
Moved on to Rock Band and played some more, never really left the living room floor
Rockin’ out all day made his fingers sore, played and he played ‘till he turned 24
The punk band he’d formed with friends had shown the local scene some promise
But when Bill stopped showing up for practice their fans doubted like St. Thomas
Bill said he’d learned the new scales and chords, but proved dishonest
His friends warned that they’d kick him out, but Bill blocked out what they admonished
Now Bill’s 49 with a 9 to 5, gaming on the weekends to feel alive
And the music talent that he once displayed, has faded with the decades and skill betrayed
Upstairs in his closet you’ll see a Fender, covered in cobwebs ‘cause no one remembers
The rock star dreams that died with the light of the flash of the Wii on those warm southern nights


from Testing the Waters, released June 23, 2009



all rights reserved


My Parents Favorite Music Michigan

Steffeny "Steffo" Messinger refers to her pseudonym/moniker "My Parents Favorite Music" as the video game/pop culture influenced music she writes and produces independently.

Releasing albums as pieces of the map to a mysterious island, she tours the country bringing clever wordplay and a colorful presence to her musical adventure, and every listener is welcome to be a part of the MPFM story. ♫ ♪
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