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Samples used:
*Super Mario RPG - Booster's Theme
*Chrono Trigger - Frog's Theme


Back then it was just an idea that I'd had
That I'd make something closely resembling a pad
Get a list of everything I need and go to Home Depot©
Even though the checkout girl called me nuts, what does she the know?
I've got an El Camino full of Snifits...
Do you think good help comes cheap these days?
They work for frog coins, don't go to the bathroom
And it's fun seein' if I can throw a Skittle in their face
Oh yeah, put seventeen floors on the ceiling
If you're as committed as I am, than it’s the right thing to do
Nobody questions a madman in his own commode
I've got illusions of grandeur and I'm seein' it through
SO keep your shoes on your feet, put your feet on the table...
The trick is findin' the table
The Winchester Mansion's got nothin' on this place
We've got a Wendy's, Racquetball, and cable.

“If you can find the top”, that's what I tell 'em
They all think I'm insane in the cerebellum
Well, how many people have made it to the top?
If you can find it, tell me when you find it
People cliff dive, watch Desperate Housewives, smoke crack
But my tower's what the people point the finger at
If you find a tower taller than the Himalayas
Let me know if you can find it, tell me when you find it

There's an old wise tale people seem to go by
People love this story, I don't know why
But it goes apparently I needed a wife, I guess I was lonely
Grabbed the first one I saw, not my type this one's just boney
But I didn't care I took her and bolted
At that point her friends revolted
A group of Geraldo, a turtle, Stay Puft and Pinocchio
Went through my tower like Rush Hour 2 in Tokyo
These idiots kicked the crap out of my receptionist
Decided to steal my chain chomp for the hell of it
They get to the top, and kick my ass?
But do you think that I'd really allow that?
No! What really happened is the chumps made it only to the third floor
No bark, no bite, no war
They made it into a game about some giant sword
Taking over the blah blah blah yeah whatever it's misleading

If you can make it to the top
We'll rock this out
If you can make it to the top
We'll scare the crowd
If you can make it to the top
We'll mop the floor with 'em
If you can make it to the top
We'll call some more of ‘em, they don't stand a chance, c’mon!


from Testing the Waters, released June 23, 2009



all rights reserved


My Parents Favorite Music Michigan

Steffeny "Steffo" Messinger refers to her pseudonym/moniker "My Parents Favorite Music" as the video game/pop culture influenced music she writes and produces independently.

Releasing albums as pieces of the map to a mysterious island, she tours the country bringing clever wordplay and a colorful presence to her musical adventure, and every listener is welcome to be a part of the MPFM story. ♫ ♪
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