Purple Shield

from by My Parents Favorite Music



Samples used:
Rearranged version of "Oginome" by team5547


I needed to love myself and I do
I needed to leave myself and I did
I needed to laugh myself to death
Came back with the energy and innocence of fifty kids
I was at a cliffhanger let it all go
But my memories kept me afloat
Created a boat made back to the shore of pangea
Took it all to pieces, let me read you a letter
Dear me!!! past-&-present
Attack on the future with hyper-beams
Long walks on the beach, get treasure
Metal detectors, better dreams

I've lived too long, worked too hard
Been through too much to quit this far
we need each other the world has put us
Together so we better grab shields and deal
Surround each other, red rover over
Anybody that tries to take our day
Barks our name, they'll join our game
We'll run right over sharing pain
Who needs a sword when you've got three hearts?
If you need one you can have my part
If it's not worth sharing, it's not worth having
If you wanna find the rest, we've got a good start
Combining forces, finding sources
What's mine is yours and the other way around
All I ever wanted was this, and I wouldn't trade
A moment of the life that I've got right now

So let's team up for a second
Promise to meet up for a second
At the end of time you'll find me
Under the lightpost telling stories and smiling
We've all got stories, laugh about 'em
Even if their bad just laugh about 'em
Because we don't get many moments like these to latch onto
Can't win 'em all but you can't let it stop you
You can't just rot, you've got to enjoy
The noise you've got, or else what's the point?
Take that love and go out with a bang
With a HYPER BEAM, tell 'em WHAT'S OUR NAME?
Gotta save energy, gotta make memories
Let these be what we tell our children
The faces of people might be forgotten
But they're making a sequel that we'll live on in


from Mount Weird, released April 1, 2014



all rights reserved


My Parents Favorite Music Michigan

Steffeny "Steffo" Messinger refers to her pseudonym/moniker "My Parents Favorite Music" as the video game/pop culture influenced music she writes and produces independently.

Releasing albums as pieces of the map to a mysterious island, she tours the country bringing clever wordplay and a colorful presence to her musical adventure, and every listener is welcome to be a part of the MPFM story. ♫ ♪
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