Run Left (f. Maros and Shammers)

from by My Parents Favorite Music

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Samples used:
"Rescue the Feudal Lord" - Mystical Ninja: Starring Goemon


Go outside without your shoes run barefoot
Don’t shave, go a day without a haircut
Pretend that you’re Captain America
And go around giving everybody big bear hugs
“Now there’s a guy who dances like Jamiroquai”
But when he tries the kids nearby, hearby
Give him the weird-eye (Kids, eat your Fruit Loops)
OBJECTION! HOLD IT! Random road trip
Toll bridge! But there are zombies behind us!
Find ‘em, blind ’em end up at the Yacht club with Katy Perry minus
Katy Perry, add a hairy man with a tan, her name was Steve
The Muppet Babies had it right,so make out with life or make-believe
So act a fool, drop bows like link,in the mountain fountain, you might think
That you don’t get anything back,be patient, be a man...
Be Mega Man, put your hand in your sleeve
Throw apples at people and tell them to leave
Believe in yourself, full health now open up the door...FREEZE JUMP
See I gotta go back cause you left my dog
Hog tied in a bog to a broken log
You're the clock, I'm a cog, here to make you work
Get down on your knees, please, praise dessert
Go ghostie, on a Segway,go to Burger King, have it their way
Start ballin like a baby on the subway
Throw up on your lover call it foreplay
Run in your local K-Mart like a man with squirts
THEN tell the cashier it hurts, then proceed on to flirtin'
Speed down the Rainbow Road, throw bananas at your foes
Burst into a church pretend you're Lurch bend down and touch your toes
Go Moonwalkin on Mars with an afro and a bag of Cheetos
Hum the Tetris theme and scream just like Mean Gene
Be obsecene and end scene and build bots and stack Mean Beans
And pocket these pamplets for free,who's gonna see?...LASIK
I'm collecting rings and coins, I'm gonna pierce them on my groin
Y'all can see where this is going, and I wanna know if you wanna join
I'mma kinda guy that'll rent a car Tokyo Drift when I parallel park
I'm not gonna stop til I find a star, zip your mouth this is WinRAR
Jump in a box like solid snake hang out in the park down by the lake
Wait for teen couple on a date, jump out screamin' "Her boobs are fake!"
I'll burn 18 DVD's, douse myself in PCP
Now they're swarmin' behind me, cuz I ran through a bee hive G
Game's messin up all the smart kids,tell me that the answer's obvious
Ask me why I don't blow in the cartridge?
I produce more wind (?) when I fart in it
Tell ya what we're gonna do,every single one of you
Better try my jungle juice,no one'll fun of you
Running left is game abuse,dats how in ts done in My Parents Favorite Music


from Win When?, released November 23, 2012



all rights reserved


My Parents Favorite Music Michigan

Steffeny "Steffo" Messinger refers to her pseudonym/moniker "My Parents Favorite Music" as the video game/pop culture influenced music she writes and produces independently.

Releasing albums as pieces of the map to a mysterious island, she tours the country bringing clever wordplay and a colorful presence to her musical adventure, and every listener is welcome to be a part of the MPFM story. ♫ ♪
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